Skin problems accompany us relentlessly even in summer. The good news for everyone is that problems can be addressed with a little caution, thoughtful tricks, and targeted care. For you we have collected the most common summer skin problems and tips on how to get rid of them.

1. Acne

Sweat, excess fat and bacteria in the summer months are the cause of the most frequent acne outbreaks. If your skin is already subject to greasiness and the appearance of impurities, in the summer months, taking care of the care is even more important. The protective factors we apply during the day to protect ourselves from the sun are hidden deep in the pores, so it makes sense to do the evening cleanse in two steps. In any case, always morning and evening and after any physical activity.

How can we improve the situation?

Regular and thorough cleaning twice a day; morning and evening with facial cleansing gel: HempTouch - Purifying Face Cleanser and cream treatment to rebalance and moisturize impure skin: HempTouch - Balancing Face Cream.

2. Dry skin

Skin becomes dry when it loses too much fat and moisture, which can result in humid air, hot days, air-conditioned rooms, and chlorinated pools.

How can we improve the situation?

The skin never has enough moisture. In addition to moisture, it also needs a sufficient amount of fat, which retains moisture in the skin and prevents it from evaporating too quickly. Pay attention to the factors that make the situation even worse. Once you understand what they are, try to avoid them as much as possible and provide your skin with a sufficient amount of both on a daily basis, as only then will it be able to maintain balance.

For face care; it is recommended to use it in combination with moisturizing essence: HempTouch - Moisturizing Bright Essence and vitamin cream: HempTouch - Nurturing Face Cream.

For body care; we recommend the use of the body lotion: HempTouch - Pristine Forest Body Lotion or luxurious elixir: HempTouch - After Sun Elixir, which we recommend to apply it on skin that is still slightly damp after a shower.

3. Contact dermatitis

Camping, hiking and spending free time in nature are the joys we enjoy in the summer months. In nature, in addition to pleasures, we also encounter plants that can cause contact dermatitis, which are reflected in itching, red rashes and often very itchy water blisters. In addition to plants, our skin can also be marked by insects, mosquitoes are particularly persistent in the summer months. Mosquito bites can be very annoying, itchy, and an allergic reaction to the bites can occur on the skin, which can also be accompanied by swelling.

How can we improve the situation?

The simplest advice we can give you in this place is to try to avoid contact with plants that cause you reactions and to avoid insect bites. We know it's nearly impossible, but with a little care we can prevent many spots and itching. You can also protect yourself by wearing long, light clothing made from natural materials that are breathable and effectively protect your skin.

As an aid: when the skin is already affected, the use of the therapeutic ointment: HempTouch - Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm is recommended. The ointment is a quick help for damaged skin that needs quick relief.

4. Heat rash

Clogged sweat glands can cause rashes, itching, and irritated skin in the months we're exposed to heat. Usually, these types of rashes go away within a few days, but they can be very unpleasant.

How can we improve the situation?

Support for alleviating such problems can be found in the soothing ointment: HempTouch - Soothing CBD Skin Balm

5. Sunburn

Pleasures in the sun can end quickly if we are exposed to the sun's rays for too long without adequate protection. It is extremely uncomfortable when the sun burns us, as our skin burns, tightens, is painful to the touch and all this is followed by peeling of the skin, not to mention the more serious consequences.

How can we improve the situation?

Above all, it is very important to provide adequate protection with the SPF factor. Attention should also be paid to the correct application of the cream, as this is the only way to guarantee the maximum level of protection promised by the protective product. One of the great alternatives, of course, is finding shade and wearing light clothing and headgear.

If we still fail and get red skin, we can alleviate the condition by using oil: HempTouch - After Sun Elixir after sunbathing. It restores hydration and nourishment to the skin, strengthens the self-protective and repairing function and prevents skin peeling. Its great advantage is that it contains lemongrass essential oil, which not only pleasantly smells the skin, but also protects it from mosquito bites in a natural way.HempTouch - Soothing CBD Skin Balm will also be a great help for sunburn.