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Nail Solution With Active Oxygen & Panthenol 100 ml

Oxilver ENI-OX-01 1149
Nail Solution With Active Oxygen & Panthenol 100 ml

An innovative combination uses the process of oxygenation to help with various unwanted changes on nails and cuticle, visibly improving their appearance.

This mechanism works by supplying the skin and nails with active oxygen. Upon contact with the surface of the body the solution immediately releases active oxygen in the form of many tiny bubbles which clean, nourish, hydrate, regenerate and oxygenate the surface. In certain cases white foam appears in the area of application, which may indicate fungal or bacterial changes. Panthenol as an additional ingredient delivers moisture deep into the layers of both nails and the skin, acting as a powerful regenerative substance.

Spray for nourishment and regeneration of nails and cuticle:

  • Improves nail structure and hardness,
  • Stimulates nail regeneration,
  • Improves hydration and oxygenation,
  • Maintains healthy and shiny appearance of the nails,
  • Alleviates symptoms of various unwanted processes on nails that occur as a result of various changes (bacterial or fungal infection, injuries).