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Premium CBD Drops 6.6 - 24 %

Premium CBD Drops 6.6 % PHH-PD-6 1044
Premium CBD Drops 12 % PHH-PD-12 1045
Premium CBD Drops 24 % PHH-PD-24 1046
Premium CBD Drops 6.6 - 24 %

PharmaHemp® PREMIUM CBD DROPS contain CO2 extract of hemp plants.
The products are rich in CBD and a wide range of other cannabinoids and bioactive compounds creating an “entourage effect”.

The products contain an especially low level of THC (< 0.05 wt%).

PharmaHemp® PREMIUM CBD DROPS can be purchased in a 10 ml amber glass bottle with a pipette.


PharmaHemp, a global leader in full-spectrum CBD products, is committed to sustainable hemp practices and and top-tier quality. Their diverse team, experts in cannabinoids, cosmetics, and technology, creates innovative solutions for a healthier everyday life. 
The company values innovation, quality, partnership, responsibility, simplicity and openness, aiming to enhance lives through easy-to-use products. PharmaHemp offers comprehensive support, is exporting to over 70 countries and standing out as a premier CBD brand worldwide.