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PhenoPen Cartridge - Body - 75%

PhenoPen - 4x Cartridge Body PP-4B 1479
PhenoPen - 1x Cartridge Body PP-1B 1476
PhenoPen Cartridge - Body - 75%
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Največja dovoljena količina za ta izdelek je 100000.

Body – Helps reduce chronic and acute pain. The Body formula is enriched with CBE, which will help to target pain originating in the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

PhenoPen is a premium CBD delivery system with a proprietary blend of 100% pure hemp extract. PhenoPen is aimed at people who want and need fast relief from a range of ailments. Our specially-formulated extract offers an overall cannabinoid content of 75%, and it is totally free of additives, solvents, and heavy metals. 



PhenoPen highlights:

  • High potency – 75% total cannabinoids
  • Fast-acting – Highly effective delivery method
  • Healthier – 100 % pure hemp extract with zero additives/solvents/chemicals
  • Cost-effective – small dose can provide significant relief
  • 500 mg total extract
  • Approximately 1-2 mg CBD per puff
  • Finely-tuned full spectrum profile for superior therapeutic effects
  • No psychoactive effect – THC less than 0.2%
  • Natural hemp flavor
  • Easy to use
  • Robust battery pack presenting a built-in Haptic technology for an unmatchable vaping experience
  • ‘Dose control’ feature, which includes a red light sensor that beeps after 2.5 seconds of inhalation.
  • GMP certified, 3rd party tested


  • 100% hemp extract
  • 75% total cannabinoid: Cannabidiol, Cannabidivarin, Cannabigerol, and others
  • Flavonoids and terpenes
  • THC less than 0.2%
  • TOTALLY FREE of additives, solvents, and heavy metals

Cannabinoids: CBDV 0.447%, CBD 51.2%, CBN 4.2%, CBL 0.509%, CBC 4.79%, CBE 5.26, CBT 3.52%
Terpenes: Alpha-Pinene 37.11%, Camphene 0.36%, (–)-beta-Pinene 23.43% Beta-Myrcene 6.56%, delta-3-Carene 0.04%, d-Limonene 16.88%, Terpinolene 0.04%, Linalool 0.03%, (-)-Isopulegol 0.10%, Beta-caryophyllene11.30% Alpha-humulene 0.81%, Caryophyllene oxide 0.47%


  • Insert the PhenoPen cartridge into the top of the device. The cartridge is fitted with built-in magnets that keep it secure and firmly in place.
  • Ensure the PhenoPen device is fully charged before first use.
  • To activate the PhenoPen, close your lips around the mouthpiece and breathe in. The device offers built-in haptic technology and pulses when activated for a mindful vaping experience.
  • The first time you use the PhenoPen, you should start with a short inhalation of 1 to 1.5 seconds. You should then wait for a couple of minutes before taking another puff.
    This allows your body to adjust to the CBD inhaling experience and helps avoid throat irritation or coughing.
  • The recommended daily dose varies between individuals and depends on factors such as body weight, body chemistry, and individual experience of the PhenoPen’s effects.
    If the desired effect is not achieved during the first two to three days of PhenoPen use, you can gradually increase the dose until you achieve the desired result.


PhenoLife is the brainchild of a dedicated group of experts within the wellness sector. Recent years of combined experience led to the creation of PhenoLife, a concept based on extraordinary hemp-based products that are mild, non-invasive, but potent and effective.
The concept of the PhenoLife range was to create a variety of products, made from organic hemp, to assist those seeking alternative therapeutic relief from a range of ailments including anxiety, insomnia, and pain. Goal is to create products that enhance quality of lives and are easy to use.