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Hemp Drops 6% CBD

My lovely pets MLP-GO6 1036
Hemp Drops 6% CBD
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Največja dovoljena količina za ta izdelek je 100000.

Hemp droplets are produced from Cannabis Sativa L industrial hemp.

Many studies have shown that CBD can help reduce or eliminate the following problems in your pet:

IMPROVES: skeletal – muscular system, blood circulation, energy potential
ACCELERATES: injury regeneration, regeneration after illness or surgery
ACTS: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
REGULATES: appetite, overall balance

CONTENT: 10 ml, 600 mg of naturally occurring CBD

DID YOU KNOW, that dogs and cats also have an ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM (ECS) just like people?

This extensive and vital receptor system is primarily responsible for maintaining healthy balance or homeostasis.
ECS consists of receptors on cell membranes that regulate various processes, including the immune system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, skin system, nutrition, sleep, relaxation, mood, digestion, control of motor functions, reproduction. ECS helps with your pet's overall recovery process and balance. ECS works towards balance in anxiety, depression, various pains, arthritis, cancer cells, sugar and cholesterol.




Our experts have developed a natural formula that promotes and maintains the balance of pets.
The product is safe and can be used regularly with no side effects.




We recommend that the droplets are added to the food or squeezed directly into the oral cavity.
They can also be applied to the skin directly to treat the affected area.
The dosage depends on the weight of the animal and the type of problem.


< 10kg 1 - 2 drops 
10 - 20 kg 2 - 3 drops
> 20 kg 3 - 4 drops

My Lovely Pets is a brand in the field of natural products for animals made from industrial Canabis Sativa L.
For the well-being and improvement of the body's balance in pets.