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Activated Charcoal

My lovely pets MLP-AC 1275
Activated Charcoal
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100% activated charcoal from coconut shells for cleaning teeth, removing plaque and protecting the oral cavity.

Activated charcoal binds (adsorbs) large amounts of substances such as bacteria, dirt, odors, tartar and plaque.

Poor teeth can cause changes in the kidneys, liver and heart muscle.
Dental plaque hardens into tartar and caries, causing enamel decay and gingivitis.

No additives, 100% natural and organic.

Is your pet facing any of these problems?

  • Dental plaque?
  • Bad breath?
  • Broken or loose teeth?
  • Pain in or around the mouth?
  • Bleeding from the mouth?
  • Periodontal problems?

It's time to act now!

Charcoal: Ancient medicine

Following the recipe, we went down in the history of our ancestors.
Our ancestors used charcoal to heal wounds, eliminate digestive problems, eliminate intestinal infections, and poisoning, disinfection, filtering water, cleaning teeth and body,…

We have developed a unique formula that has revolutionized the culture of maintaining oral hygiene in pets.
With the carbon activation technique at as high as 1,700 ° C, the particles get high porosity and a larger surface area.

Did you know that having a teaspoon of activated charcoal has the surface of a large football field?

Directions for use: 

Add to food or after a meal of the animal, apply 5-6 pinches of charcoal with thumb and forefinger (without moisturizing) directly on the teeth and leave it to take effect.
No additional rinsing is required.
It is recommended to use it twice a day.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes with running water.

Storage method: Protect from moisture and direct sunlight.

My Lovely Pets is a brand in the field of natural products for animals made from industrial Canabis Sativa L.
For the well-being and improvement of the body's balance in pets.