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Glucosamine Joint Formula + MSM & Collagen

Heka HK-GJF 1358
Glucosamine Joint Formula + MSM & Collagen
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HEKA Glucosamine Joint formula is a special formula, which contains two components, such as glucosamine and chondroitin.

These two components are the basic building blocks of the joint cartilage and strings.
They are added MSM and collagen, which takes care of great absorption.


  • Collagen functions as “glue” for the entire body,
  • Joints are mostly made from Type 2 collagen,
  • Collagen peptides can help produce more collagen, thereby preserving youthful joints,
  • Collagen can reduce inflammation in the joints and helps them function optimally.

Usage: Adults and children from 12 years - 1 tablet per day.
The recommended daily dose of glucosamine is 1000 mg, which is one capsule.

The HEKA family products help you to balance a healthy spirit in a healthy body with a wide array of products. The HEKA products are here mostly for a preventive approach, one of utmost, if not key importance in today’s lifestyle of pressure and stress.