The cotton pads are designed for facial cleansing and are environmentally friendly as you can reuse them. Made from soft 100% organic cotton, they provide gentle and accurate cleansing. Combined with Purifying Face Cleanser, one of our favourites for all skin types, this duo provides the perfect skincare regimen no matter your skin type or condition.
Purifying Face Cleanser thoroughly and gently cleanses the skin, removing makeup, excess oil and dirt without drying the skin or stripping it of its natural oils.

Promoting sustainable consumption

Simple to care for and machine washable, they are a great alternative to traditional pads or disposable wipes. The ideal solution for those who want to reduce waste and protect the environment.

The cotton pads are made in Slovenia.

UNBLEACHED ECO-COTTON 100% cotton, organically produced. After use, simply place in the laundry bag and wash in the washing machine (the pads can be safely washed at up to 95°C). You can also wash them under running water and dry them in the tumble dryer.

Usage & Routine

1. With the help of the Cleansing Gel, remove dead skin cells and impurities. For makeup and SPF protection, we recommend double cleansing with the Cleansing Oil.

3. Hydrate, nourish, balance, and protect your skin based on its unique needs with either the Nurturing Face Cream or the Balancing Face Cream.

5. For the best results, support your skin from the inside out with the help of CBD oil. Apply your daily dose of CBD under the tongue.

2. The first step of moisturizing with the Moisturizing Essence revitalizes, nourishes it with moisture and antioxidants, and optimally prepares it for further skincare steps.

4. Replenishing oil serum preserves the elasticity and moisture of the epidermis by capturing moisture and strengthening the skin barrier.

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Key ingredients

Hemp hydrolate is a rare floral water created as a by-product of steam distillation. It has a mild antiseptic, toning and soothing effect on the skin. It is a unique ingredient that accelerates the microcirculation of the skin, revitalizes it and improves the appearance of the complexion.

Hempseed oil is known for its ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. It is one of the most active natural oils, as it accelerates skin regeneration and deeply nourishes and strengthens the skin barrier. It restores the skin's own lipids and helps maintain its hydration.